Burned Through Netflix? The Great ‘Backyard’ is Calling.

Burned Through Netflix? The Great ‘Backyard’ is Calling.

From Stranger Things to Tiger King, the ranks of most-streamed T.V. shows have been keeping us thoroughly entertained, and shamelessly so (love William Macy)!  During unprecedented times such as these, being swept away by the plot of a top-secret government agency coupled with supernatural forces allows us to unplug, in the non-literal sense, of course.  Let’s just hope these titles are not forecasts of what is to come.  We prefer a world where the reality of Carol Baskin remains on a 65” Samsung screen.     

Predicting the timeline of troubling events that led to an eight-week quarantine mandate would have been a good of a guess as to the downtown psychics.  The domino effect of a nationwide spread, nor the million-dollar question, ‘when will things go back to normal?’ has been a dish served abruptly and without any ingredients listed.  Its been a time of adjustment, to say the least.  Business meetings have turned into a spectacular show of flying cheerios across living/workroom, while “to infinity and beyond” echoes in the background of our virtual company meetings.  Others haven’t been so lucky.  Unemployment rates have jumped nearly 10% since mid-March.  While uncertainty weighs heavily on so many, it’s resiliency and a supportive ecosystem that helps brand a proud 50 stars on our flag.    

However your new deck of cards lyes, social distancing doesn’t mean being socially distant.  In fact, using a poker face aka playing it cool when it’s all you’ve got.. may be your best tactic.  While some have taken advantage of the extra time to sharpen cooking skills, practice yoga, or take an online class, there’s no need to single yourself out.  One wild idea?  Use it to re-engage with your loved ones.  When life is in full blast mode, coordinating the entire group in a room is a rare feat.  Whether you're quarantined with your friends or family (who are you kidding, it’s never both) take advantage of this time to play! It’s exactly how BossToss originated.  Rewind to November 2017, that’s pre-winter, Minnesota.  The typical protocol calls for loosening your belt buckle and morphing into a hermit for the remaining ‘sub 30 degree’ months.  But we’re not a typical crew.  Being it that Mike Rivard’s ego took a hard hit over the summer- getting his a** whooped in cornhole (don’t be too hard on yourself old man, that will happen with age) he was even more determined to keep the yard game competition rolling.  After a couple of six-packs, and MANY a trial and error, the answer finally came: “Vertical Cornhole,” (as it would later be coined) was born.  No need for large empty floor spaces or flat ground surfaces, a stable bar, or empty wall put a spin on our favorite tailgating game.      

So there lyes are challenge to you.  Realizing our beloved hole-in-the-wall bar is closed; as the saying goes, let’s all roll with the tide.  Defy the circumstances.  Bring the bar games home to you.  To encourage a little backyard, garage or basement competition, use the code Powerthrough for free shipping on any BossToss game until May 31st.  Declare a weekend tournament and tell your quarantined buddies to bring their A-Game

A sincere thank you goes to all the frontline workers risking their lives to take care of those in need and the essential workers showing up every day.  A deep appreciation and gratitude for all of the contributions being made to help one another.  

Do we have a surefire answer to what's ahead? Unfortunately, not.  Will we always look for a silver lining, whatever the circumstance?  You can bet on it.  

-Mike and the BossToss Team

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